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The John J. Leidy Foundation

Basic Information

Application Procedure

●  Before you apply for a grant, please review our Guidelines.

●  Requests for grants may be submitted at any time. 

● The trustees of the Foundation usually meet monthly to review proposals. We notify applicants of our decisions by mail, typically within 90 days of submission.




The Foundation strives to make the grant seeking process as efficient as possible for its applicants. Therefore, we do not have a formal application form. You may use any format that complies with the Foundation’s guidelines. 


Please include the following:


● Cover letter on letterhead that briefly explains the purpose of the request, the dollar amount requested, and provides a contact person’s name, title, daytime telephone number, and e-mail address

● Narrative that includes organizational background and capacity, purpose of request, and anticipated results.  If the applicant is controlled by, related to, connected with, or sponsored by another organization, the applicant should identify and explain the relationship

● Complete details of need and amount requested

● Copy of approved exempt status letter from I.R.S.

● Proposed organizational and project budgets for the year in which grant funds are to be used

● List of Board of Directors with affiliations and officers noted

● Most recent financial audit.  If organization is not audited, submit your most recent year-end financial statement

● Supplemental information that supports your request may be included.  Please use discretion in limiting additional attachments 


You may send your request to the Foundation electronically to:

Attachments should be scanned and emailed with your submission.

While electronic submission is preferred, you may submit a hard copy (one copy) to:.

Robert L. Pierson, President
The John J. Leidy Foundation
102 West Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 304
Towson, Maryland 21204


For Further Information

The staff welcomes inquiries regarding the grant making process.  Since all decisions regarding grant awards are made jointly by our board of trustees, it is our practice that the Foundation trustees and its staff are not authorized to discuss the likelihood of a grant. 


Please contact Ms. Stacy Friedman, Grants Administrator, at


● Telephone: 410-821-3006